We are very proud that our 'trilogy; of generic fault-finding courses has been accredited by the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE).

The three days cover 'How a combi works', 'Multimeter training' and 'Boiler diagnostics'.

On the first day, delegates find out exactly how a combi works; knowing the sequence of events that lead to the boiler firing up makes it easier to work through and identify where an issue may lie when called to a breakdown.

The multimeter training explains how to use this valuable tool to carry out safety checks and identify whether components are working properly.

On the final day, delegates will put into practice everything they have learned in the previous two days. They will work on live boilers which have been set up by the trainers with faults for them to identify and put right.

Duration: 3 days

Cost: £200

Note: each course is also available to book separately at £75 per day

Aims of the course:

Day one:
The principles of 2 types of appliance
Installation requirements
The commissioning procedure
The operating sequence
The function and operation of principle components

Day two:
Using and understanding an electrical multi-meter
Carrying out preliminary electrical safety checks
Carrying out component electrical tests
Identifying faults Isolating circuits safely

Day three:
Diagnosing boiler problems
Remedying the problem
Following logical paths on a variety of boiler types
The sequence of operation of different types of boilers
Fault finding

Who should attend?

Heating engineers, installers and maintenance engineers who require a more detailed understanding of boiler diagnostics.

Required knowledge or understanding

Candidates are required to have knowledge of heating and hot water systems.

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Joseph Winter, Easy Gas and Plumbing Services in Congleton, Cheshire: I've been in the trade for 10 years but I wanted to advance my own knowledge and had heard that these courses were good. I have learned something fresh every day on every level; in fact, it's been a real eye-opener - I have learned things I didn't know I didn't know!

The courses have obviously been designed for engineers and we will all come away with a better understanding of boilers, without doubt.

Sukhi Sidhu, Gas Flow Services, Birmingham: I've been looking for a more 'hands on' course because I wanted to get more into servicing and maintenance, so fault finding is important. I found this course by searching online - it was recommended in forums.