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Counterfeit parts cost more than you think
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The sale and use of poor quality and unapproved counterfeit boiler parts is on the rise, with a cheaper price being the driving factor. While often cheaper than the genuine article, counterfeit or refurbished parts carry other significant costs that may appear over the lifetime of the boiler.

Gas boilers are advanced pieces of engineering, designed to perform at a high level for a number of years whilst withstanding wear and tear from water and heat. That's why gas carrying boiler parts used in Europe must be fit for purpose, environmentally sound and, most important of all, safe. Boiler parts that are not supplied by the manufacturer, or have been refurbished, are not approved for use in boilers and do not carry the right quality certification.

More often than not, cheap and counterfeit parts are unreliable, dangerous and made from poor quality materials that are simply not up to the job. This can lead to serious implications for the end user as counterfeit parts can affect the reliability of your boiler, cause avoidable and costly call-outs and void the boiler's warranty. For the person responsible for selling or installing counterfeit boiler parts, they risk damaging their reputation and are liable in the event of a prosecution.

Who is responsible?

Refurbished, reconditioned and modified parts - the business selling the parts must inform your that it is not the original manufactured product and must remove all original markings. They are ultimately liable for not complying with the correct certification.

Copy parts - the business selling copy parts becomes the manufacturer and, along with the installer, is liable for the safety of the product once it has been installed. If they advertise the part, the seller is also breaking copyright and trademark laws and can be prosecuted.

How to identify a Baxi Genuine Part

Baxi Genuine Parts carry the correct certification for use as replacements in our boilers and are tested rigorously to meet tough quality standards and are approved so that you can be sure that they are safe, reliable and legal. Just because counterfeit parts look similar doesn't mean they have been manufactured and tested to the same standards. Baxi Genuine Parts are only available through our network of approved stockists. You can also use our online database to help you identify the part you need.

All Baxi Genuine Parts will be Baxi branded and boxes will feature the Baxi Genuine Parts stamp. If you have any questions or concerns about genuine parts, please contact our knowledgeable team on 0344 871 1540.