All boiler installations, and a number of boiler repairs, involve dealing with electrics.

Many installers choose to refer this work to other businesses - and indeed, the law states that certain aspects of boiler installation electrical work must be carried out by a suitably qualified electrician. With the right training though, it is possible to do this electrical work yourself - allowing you to run a more efficient, profitable business. Here's how…

Boiler electrics training courses

To carry out a boiler installation or repair that involves electrical work, you'll need a relevant qualification from an approved college or training centre.

If investing in full electrical qualifications isn't an option, you can take a basic electrical training course instead.

Basic training won't qualify you to do all the electrics for a boiler installation, but it will equip you to carry out various fault-finding, maintenance and repair work - increasing the value you can offer to your customers.

Baxi training courses

A range of training courses are available to help you develop your boiler electrics skills, including Baxi's electrical appreciation course.

The multi-meter is an essential tool for any engineer working with boiler electrics, and the course shows you how to use the device to its full potential.

Many heating engineers struggle with the multi-meter, and some avoid using it as a result - but with the help of expert training, you can quickly learn to carry out electrical safety checks and component electrical tests.

Our boiler diagnostics course, meanwhile, covers a range of appliances, providing guidance and hands-on practice to help you identify issues using a multi-meter.

All our courses cover all the necessary health and safety guidance too, helping you reduce your risk of electric shocks.

Find out more about Baxi's training courses here

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