What is Benchmark?

Benchmark is a nationally recognised scheme managed by the HHIC (Heating and Hot Water Industry Council) which ensures installers follow best practice when working with heating and hot water products.

Benchmark was developed to rid the industry of illegal cowboy installers whose substandard work undermines the reputations of experienced, hard-working professionals within the industry. It also gives homeowners written evidence and peace of mind that their installation has been carried out to a high standard by an installer who is qualified and committed to providing a service in line with the Benchmark Code of Practise.

How does Benchmark work?

Baxi -along with the UK's other major gas boiler manufacturers -joined with the HHIC to tackle the problem of cowboy installers.

By making it a requirement of the warranty that the installer must complete a Benchmark checklist, boiler manufacturers are supporting the large majority of engineers who carry out their work competently and professionally. The terms and conditions of Baxi's industry leading parts and labour warranties include the following requirements:

  • The installer must complete the Benchmark checklist when they finish installing the boiler
  • We may ask to see the Benchmark checklist if a claim is made while the boiler is under warranty
  • The warranty must be registered within 30 days of installation
  • The boiler must be serviced every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer

Sign up to the Benchmark Scheme here

Completing the Benchmark Checklist

The Benchmark checklist can be found at the back of a product's installation manual. It's a simple form which takes a few minutes to fill in, but is an important step in the installation process. Our guide below will help you understand the different parts of the form.

benchmark checklist

Boiler serial number: Find the age and serial number of the boiler you're working on and enter it here

Building Regulations Notification Number: After a new gas appliance has been installed, the homeowner's Local Authority must be notified. Please click here to register the appliance. If you are a Works installer, this appliance can be registered via Baxi Works or the Toolbelt app.

The Gas Safe certificate will then be sent to the customer. This will feature the Building Regulations Notification number. Make sure to highlight this to the customer so they're aware of what documents to expect.


Please refer to your appliance installation instructions.

You should tick as appropriate for each control that has been installed.

Make sure the customer knows how to use every control before leaving the property, and highlight any instructions you will be leaving with them.

All Systems

BS7593: The 'BS7593' is a code of practice for treatment of water in domestic hot water central heating systems. You can find out more at the HHIC website.

Has a primary water system filter been installed?: This is considered good practice as part of the BS7593 and therefore Baxi would recommend a primary water system filter is installed.

Central Heating Mode

You need to fill out the amount of gas the boiler uses in Central Heating Mode. You can use our new Toolbelt app which has a gas flow monitor included.

You must ensure the Gas Inlet pressure is correct and record this on the Benchmark checklist.

Make sure you have tested the return and flow temperatures i.e. there should be a 10C difference between the flow and return temperatures.

Combination Boilers Only

Check if the homeowner's property is located in a hard water area.

In hard water areas, there is a higher risk of scale. If this is the case, then it is recommended to install a scale reducer.

Gas rate: This needs to be measured after the installation. The gas rate is important as the consequences of the boiler being under-gassed could lead to the boiler failing to light or an explosive ignition.

It's important to force the boiler into its maximum rate in order to check the working pressure and measure Gas Rate. If this is not tested correctly, this could affect the efficiency of the boiler and put a strain on its components.

All Installations

Record the following: You should use Flue Gas Analyser to record the emissions of the boiler at both the maximum and minimum rate, and fill out the form where required. Click here for our Service and Installation manual on how to do this, depending on the boiler you are working on.

'Yes' checklist: By ticking these boxes, you are committing to a duty of care to the homeowner.

Make sure you demonstrate the operation of the boiler and system controls. Ensure the homeowner knows how to use the boiler, and can operate the system without your instruction. Explain the manufacturer's literature and make sure the homeowner leaves it in a safe place. The benchmark checklist and service record are both important for the warranty to be validated and maintained. The benchmark checklist should be completed in full and an annual service carried out every year.

Signatures: Please make sure the customer has signed the Benchmark checklist to confirm they have understood their obligation to maintain manufacturer's warranty.

Sign up to the Benchmark Scheme here

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