Baxi offers a full range of flue kits which help make installers' lives easier by providing extra siting flexibility.

We are constantly improving our range to ensure that all siting challenges can be easily solved, both inside and outside the property.

The flue kits that Baxi offers provide many features and benefits:

Most flue length requirements can be catered for, even if there is the need to manoeuvre around tight spaces, joists etc
Standard horizontal telescopic flue that is easily adjustable making it suitable for most applications without the need for cutting
When additional length is needed, extensions help make installation quicker, easier and with minimum waste
Every joint is held securely though using self-tapping screws and easily adjustable support brackets, all of which are provided with the flue kit
We offer a full range of terminals, including multiple plume terminations, with several colour options, which help to ensure a smart finish that is tailored to the needs of the householder.

Technical information:

A choice of 60/100 and 80/125 diameter flues in both vertical and horizontal orientation
Standard horizontal telescopic adjustable between 315mm and 500mm
Flue lengths can be up to 10 metres (60/100) and 20 metres (80/125). For lengths up to 15 metres, a twin 80/80 flue range is also available
Additional lengths are available in 1000mm, 500mm and 250mm to reduce the need for cutting and, therefore, waste
Calculating equivalent flue lengths is very straightforward: A 1 metre reduction for each 90 degree elbow used (not including the first elbow off the boiler), and 0.5 metre reduction for each 45 degree bend
For more information on flue kits for each range, download the range guides:

Baxi HE A range guide

Baxi EcoBlue range guide

Baxi MainEco range guide

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