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From time to time, your Baxi boiler may need a bit of attention. It is quite normal for your boiler to need to be reset or re-pressurised. These are small maintenance tasks that you may be able to do easily without the need to call your installer.

To help you, we have created a number of video guides that will take you through the procedures very simply, step by step.

The content in Baxi videos is intended to be used as a general guideline and for information purposes only.Please read our video disclaimerfor full details.

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Repressurising your boiler

Sometimes boilers may lose pressure and need to be repressurised. These videos show you how, if you have a rigid or a flexible filling loop.

Error code E133 on GA boilers

Error code E133 appears on your boiler's digital display when the boiler fails to light or cannot sustain combustion. Our video guide will show you all the necessary steps you must take prior to resetting the boiler.

Flashing Service Due (Sd) indicator

The Sd or commonly referred to 5d indicator appears 11 months after installation on the Baxi GA range of boilers to let you know it is time for the annual service. Our helpful, How to video guide will advise you on what to do next.

Why to service your boiler - a video guide

Learn more about why regular servicing is important for your boiler, with our 'Why to' video guide.

E168 - How to video guide for error code E168 on Baxi HE and HE A boilers

Our video guide explains the E168 error code and what may cause it to appear ona boiler's digital display.

Resetting your boiler

In certain circumstances your boiler may lockout and require a reset. The videosbelow show how to reset your boiler using a dedicated reset button, an ON/OFF/SELECTOR switch or a thermostat control knob depending on boiler model.

Basic boiler checks

Welcome to our Basic Check video guides, a five part video series created to helpyou identify and repair basic boiler faults, problems, issues and error codes, helping you save time and money.

Winter advice

In recent years, our really cold winters have led to some of our customers having problems with frozen condensate pipes. The videos below help you to avoid and defrost your condensate pipe.

Replenishing the air-gap on a Megaflo cylinder

Baxi's gas boilers range